5 Ethical Dresses for the Minimalist at an Affordable Price


5 Ethical Dresses for the Minimalist at an Affordable Price


Looking to add a new ethical garment to your wardrobe? We’ve compiled a selection of low-cost, durable dresses that are perfect for a minimalist wardrobe. Any of the items on this list costs less than $100 and is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. These are mostly solid colors that may be readily added to a capsule wardrobe, but there are some neutral patterns as well.We adore flexible skirts that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
And, before I begin, I’d want to say… Something I need to get out of my head.


I received the following Pinterest comment:


“None of these are “affordable” at €128 for a dress I can get for $25′′
I’m sure all of you who read this will agree… However, if you spend $25 on a dress, keep in mind that someone is being exploited — and cheap items (such as a Target fast fashion dress) only serve to maintain injustice. Just $25 for a garment is unheard of if you want to ensure that the farmer and the manufacturer get a fair salary.It’s not going to happen! The cheapest thing you could get in an ethical brand would be $40, and it would be pretty simple. The truth is, if you can’t afford $128 for a high-quality ethical garment that will last for years, you can buy a second-hand dress.If you want to save money, don’t go to a fast fashion retailer or Target. Fashion should not be inexpensive! There are people who work behind the scenes of your outfits, and they need to be compensated fairly for their efforts.<3


blue dress
I adore a nice chambray shirt, and this one is especially adorable with its dropped shoulders and elasticized ties!

“In a light woven organic cotton chambray, this dress seems smooth and breezy. It includes a flattering elasticated waist with a tie, as well as handy side seam pockets.”


grey dress
This stunning gown is composed of hand-knit Ikat fabric. I enjoy printing threads and using a cotton belt to flatter the tail. Furthermore, it has pockets!! By purchasing this outfit, you may help craftsmen in Bangalore, India, find a respectable employment with adequate pay and a pleasant working environment.


purple dress
This outfit is fantastic!

“Cardi can be built in at least eight different ways. From a cozy cocoon car to a stylish Grecian tunic, dazzling one-shoulder wraps to a poncho, there’s something for everyone. Find out where you can get it and make it your own! What’s the secret? What’s the secret? Hand-sewn heavy metal snaps cover the gauze that pulls the appearance together.”


yellow dress
I adore the color of this button! It’s also quite versatile because you can easily open it and use it with leggings or jeans, or a thin, fitted belt dress!

The Dyri dress is a textured fabric made in an approved fair trade manufacturer and available in two colors – navy and pink – in addition to this beautiful yellow!


black dress
Frank & Oak’s most recent ensemble is fantastic!

It may be worn with or without a belt and looks lovely in either direction.

It’s a timeless dress that can be worn in any season. In the winter, wear it with some tights!


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