Determined, I’m going to have zero waste!


Go and enjoy the many advantages that come with zero waste. This fresh way of living better and eating responsibly is very trendy and draws more and more followers. Thanks to the emergence of new organic goods available on the market, it is getting easier to witness this transition today.

Over all, thinking about zero waste implies changing your habits and introducing new ones. A difficult and important technique at the same time. It helps you to enjoy your everyday comfort and to protect the environment. We have selected some ecological items that can be used in daily life to help you in this transition.


Opt for ecological packaging for food

You’ve still been waiting to learn about these new bee wraps, eco-friendly food packaging with a colorful style. These articles constitute valuable and functional organic equipment to get off to a good start in’ zero waste’.


A true beeswax-coated food film

A practical and fascinating alternative is bee wraps to replace plastic cling film. Their covering capability ensures that all forms of food are better stored. You can use them in bowls and plates to cover prepared meals and to store your food. These are bits of certified organic cloth or Gots, covered with beeswax, soy or a combination of plant materials.
Remaining rigid, by simply being heated in your hands, this piece of fabric adapts to your various contents and foods. They are also reusable and allow you to store your food while preventing any waste.
Vegan wraps serve as wrapping for your vegetables and fruits, allowing for a varied use. Food preservation is optimized by perfect security thanks to the beeswax found in these food films.

The benefits of packaging beeswax

In its power and ease of handling, the beeswax packaging varies from plastic ones. It has a stronger grip and is easy to hold. To carry your groceries or to wrap and move your treats and snacks on a regular basis, you can then use the vegan wraps as a pouch. According to wikipedia, learn the features of beeswax wrap.
This ecological food packaging, Ultra Style, can be used as a lunchbox. Simply wrap your lunch in a vegan wrap that can actually hold your snacks, sandwiches, etc. to lighten your cloth bag while going to class or to work. Complete your organic equipment with a pretty gourd and bamboo cutlery for more practicality and comfort.

Food Packaging for Beeswax: simple to maintain

This sticking film of beeswax is reusable. You can, in other words, use it several times. Easy to maintain, its period of use would depend on its maintenance efficiency. There are a few tips to remember in order to enjoy it for as long as possible and avoid the constant buying of cling film.
So make sure that your eco-friendly packaging does not come into contact with elevated temperatures as much as possible, as the beeswax will melt. It is not intended for hot water or microwave cleaning. Soap and cold water are preferred for bathing. Make sure it is fully dry before storing it.

Choose wipes for washable make-up removal

Among green individuals, washable makeup remover wipes have pride of place. They help you to carry out the beauty routine effectively while reducing waste in your garbage and your ecological effects.

For any skin condition, ecological wipes

Soft and easy on the face, the washable makeup remover wipes are adapted to all skin types. You have three options of trade. The most commonly used and sold on the market are flexible, organic cotton fiber models. Practical and effective, they ensure better makeup adhesion.
Thanks to the consistency of their texture, Eucalyptus fiber formulations stand out for their unmatched ease of use. If you provide full daily treatment, these wipes are recommended. Supple eucalyptus is suitable for all ingredients for the removal of make-up, including water, milk, oil, etc.
Opt for bamboo fiber wipes for creamy or oily makeup. They are perfect for skin that is oily. The usage guarantees clear skin. Effectively, they eliminate impurities that can block the pores.

Usage and storage simplified

In sets of 20 or 10 squares, washable makeup remover wipes are included in storage kits. As a result, you can bring them in your bag comfortably and take them wherever you go with you. Without a makeup remover, they let you remove makeup. You can easily soak it and continue with your makeup removal in tap water.
However, with makeup removers, such as micellar water, oil, and milk, you can also combine them. Clean your washable make-up removal wipe once the procedure is over. With a laundry net, washable makeup remover wipes are also supplied so that you can run them through your washing machine.

Different daily products for zero waste

You can also find eco safe sanitary napkins, washable baby diapers and environmentally friendly paper towels, in addition to organic food packaging and washable makeup remover wipes. A full collection of services for everyday life with zero waste.

For menstruation with zero waste

There are now more and more women opting for underwear or menstrual cups. Very practical, the panties are highly absorbent and encourage you, as well as the cup, to enjoy long hours in peace. No more allergies or complications linked to tampon use. And above all, you are signing up for a responsible path to zero waste once again!

Ecological alternatives such as the kitchen roll

It is important to substitute everyday items such as kitchen towels with greener products to decrease the environmental effect. You can opt for a washable and reusable paper towel in this collection, available on most online sales platforms.
Except that you can use a single sheet several times after washing, this sort of paper towel looks a lot like the classic one. It is completely machine washable and is packed easily in a jar. In roll shape, you will find it.

For a low environmental impact, washable diapers

Opting for washable diapers decreases daily waste dramatically. Although saving you money, they also help protect the earth. These products are, indeed, washable and reusable. They come in a range of models that allow parents to choose those that suit their little one.
Most of the time, organic cotton, bamboo fiber or even hemp make up the absorbent component of washable diapers. They are available in treated fleece, wool, etc. with regards to the protective pants. Natural, aesthetic diapers are available in different colors, patterns and embroidery.

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